Bespoke Boat Co wins 1st place at the Crick Boat Show 2024! Read more

1st Place at the 2023 Crick Boat Show

Well didn’t we have an action-packed weekend at The Crick Boat Show 2023. We welcomed thousands of canal boat enthusiasts onto both ‘Cricket’ and ‘Frankie’.

1st place at the Crick Boat Show, 2023

The positive feedback for our boats has just been phenomenal. Attendees of the festival are asked to vote for their favourite widebeam at the show and against some strong competition… WE WON 1st place at our second show! How amazing! We are obviously delighted to have won but it is certainly nice to be recognised for all the hard work we have put in. Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for us, we really appreciate it.

The calibre of the vessels involved in this year’s festival was second to none. All of the boat builders brought their A game.

Cricket features all the latest tech and design features. She has a full SMART system for lights and heating, a GPS should she ever go wandering and she’s even got a parking camera!

Cricket also features a cutting-edge system from Water Freedom UK, the ‘Pure’ enables you to have clean drinking water straight from the cut to your tap. It’s amazing, people could not believe how nice the water tasted.

One feature that stood out for everyone is our lifting entrance hatch – no more banging your head as you go down into the galley!

All the children who came to visit hopping onto the cozy bed in the second cabin, and playing with the colour change lights, whilst the adults were blown away by the size and natural light in the master cabin.

As yet Cricket is still available, but not for long. She is priced at £225,000 and is sold as seen with all her fixtures and fittings and we will even include transport to her new home.

If you are interested in Cricket or commissioning a future build, please get in touch.

We are going to give our voices a rest for a few days!

Take care,

Bespoke Boat Co.