Bespoke Boat Co wins 1st place at the Crick Boat Show 2024! Read more

Written in the stars…

The Bespoke Boat Co. are delighted to announce that we were voted Favourite Widebeam at The Crick Boat Show 2024… for the second year running!

Widebeam ‘Lunar’ at the 2024 Crick Boat Show

We took 2 boats this year, Plan B a fully electric narrowboat (read more about Plan B here) and Lunar. The voting system was a combination of casts voted by attendees of the show and a panel of industry experts. Both sets of votes mean so much to us, to us it demonstrates not just the aesthetic of the boat being appreciated but our hard work and craftsmanship in bringing the customer’s design to life and we would like to thank everyone who voted for us.

Lunar was completely the vision of her owners and heavily inspired with feng shui and astrological influences (hence the name ‘Lunar’) .

The 2 main stand out features of Lunar are her roof terrace which our friends at Aquarius Boat Builders, who also fabricated her hull, custom constructed a frame for and we then built the decked area. The second big feature is the extra large circular skylights. Circular skylights themselves aren’t a new feature, it’s essentially a porthole but in the ceiling if you think about it, however they are unusual. So what was different about these ones? At a 6ft diameter they are huge and heavy!

Take a look at our Instagram or Facebook pages to see the video of them being installed.

Other specifications on Lunar were a full SMART system which is both app controlled via smartphone or tablet or voice controlled and a marine fish tank built into the wall. Now a fish tank in the wall is a rare feature and a challenge to incorporate!

While at Crick we were delighted to welcome the very popular Widebeams And Wellingtons aboard Lunar for a tour. Hayley & Richard see a lot of boats, as well as owning a widebeam themselves so we love that they took the time to make a video all about Lunar.

So, Year 1 at Crick we placed 2nd with the classic design of Calveley, Year 2 we won with the more contemporary design of Cricket and Year 3 is the year of the very different Lunar… what will the next year hold for us?