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What’s in a name?

One of the parts we really enjoy about the boatbuilding process is picking a name with the customers. Honestly it makes the process so much more personal than us calling it ‘the July widebeam’, and we call the build from start to finish by the boat name.

We’ve currently got ‘Tabula Rasa’ in for Shaun, we came up with this for Shaun because this boat is a fresh start for his family and Tabula Rasa means ‘clean slate’ in Latin. Shaun suggested ‘Prawn Star’ but Paula vetoed that one right away! Sorry Shaun!

We’ve also had ‘Lazy Days’ for Lisa & Galvin, because that is what the move aboard was for them, the goal of slowing down and having more Lazy Days.

The next build we are starting for Mark & Jan is ‘Zoom’ which was the song playing when they first met – how romantic!

The name is always important to you the customer, and that makes it important to us as well.

What would you call your boat?